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3 bonus sets eso

Darkshade Caverns Nervyna Selos will no longer knock back her targets without stunning them first when she leaps down to confront Tervur.
Thundering Presence: Fixed an issue where lower lotto korea result 815 ranks of Thundering Presence were dealing too much additional damage during the initial bonus period.The Innkeepers Daughter: Nellor can now be found at his quest marker, and the letter no longer spawns inside a sas eurobonus bonus challenge crate.Fixed an issue where your game could crash if you interrupted the Sigil of Imperial Retreat while it was being used.Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial Sewers are now accompanied by the pitiless thrum of unspeakable evil.We credit all translators.Greenshade Shades of Green: Indaenir can now be found with more ease.White-Gold Tower (Normal Veteran) Fixed an issue where death recap hints were not appearing for multiple bosses in this dungeon.Rivenspire The Liberation of Northpoint: You can now interact with Skordo on the quest step Talk to Skordo.This will be fixed in a future update.
Those who wish to contribute a translation are kindly asked to write an email to with your full name (include how you would like it to appear in the credits language, email address, and dotSUB username (you will need to create a free account.

Critical Charge Flurry Focused Charge Shield Charge Teleport Strike Uppercut All weapon heavy attacks Known Issue : Certain enchantment procs will still remove stealth from Shadow Cloak, even if they miss.Templar Dawns Wrath Radiant Destruction: This ability and its morphs can now critically hit.Shield Breaker: Increased this item sets 5-piece bonus.It has a comprehensive bonus section, narration and subtitles in several languages.On Your Knees - (Live) Bonus Track.Animal (F*k Like a Beast) - (Live) Bonus Track.
The Last Command.
Machine - (live).

Blind in Texas.
The story of discovering a Universe of deep mysteries and hidden secrets.
Weapons will have the following traits: Infused Sharpened Precise Powered Defending Shields will have the following traits: Infused Impenetrable Divines Reinforced Lord Warden: This item set now grants Physical Resistance in addition to Spell Resistance.