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Best digital slot car race set

best digital slot car race set

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Work can only be done under green at the Technical Table.#All chassis related parts need to be in a standard condition.The wheels and tires must not protrude outside of the body when viewed from above.16mm) Rear wheels: Scaleauto Klasse 1Slotracing dimensions : .2x16mm (hub dia.Rear wheels are subject to Event.The original chassis plates, parts and metal body holders can not be repainted or refinished in any way.A bent plate may be straightened (flattened but no chassis may be modified or bent to change its original dimensions.Please remember if it is not mentioned it means it is not allowed.Also the side mounts where the body attaches to the chassis.After that they will lose 25 laps per offence.All of the body parts that come with the allowed models as described above must be used.
Scaleracing Philosophy for 1/24th scale Model Car Racing.
The goal is to create equal performing cars, tire wise to prevent costs vegas winner no deposit bonus codes 2017 rising due to tire wars.

SC-5100 and SC-5118 locking nuts are allowed as well as T Nuts SC-8126A, B, C, D, E, G, H and I to mount the H Plate, and you may tune height on the plate with Scaleauto axle spacers, or similar washers if these are not.All work must be then done at the Technical and Pit Table.To that end, major body parts must remain fitted to the car at all times during racing.Once Technical inspection has closed you will need to pay to protest.Any questions on this will be addressed in technical inspection.This is the RSR Porsche and BMW.
For National Finals handout RTR Scaleauto SC-2121 ProComp, Scaleauto SC-2621 ProComp 2, Scaleauto SC 2421 ProComp 3 or SC-2521 Pro Comp 4 wheels with 27,5mm OD,.0mm wide.

The spirit of these Rules are to run a fair and competitive Event where all feel they have a chance to succeed.