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Bf1 bonus score

bf1 bonus score

Quentin Scar, points F and B will set your scouts free.
Make them a priority.
Conquest Defense 25 Kill an enemy who is near your team's flag on Conquest.
Vehicle Disabled 50 Deal enough damage to disable a vehicle.M-COM Disarmed 400 Disarm an explosive on an M-COM Station in Rush.LMG medal 50 Game mode Weapons Vehicles Kits Team General Bronze Silver Gold Single player Premium Phantom.Vehicle Hit Varies Hit and damage a vehicle.Rounds finished 351, wins 181, losses 170, w/L ratio.065, draws 0, rankings, top.Carbine medal.Last update, last check, last round, rounds played 351.At the heart of Argonne Forest, underground bunkers crisscross and connect a few objectives at their west and east exits, but whoever maintains control of the bunkers can lock and unlock entrances at their leisure by holding E over each door.

Dogtags 0, headshots 0, kill assists 0, suppression assists 0 Rounds played 0 Longest headshot.00 Flag defends 0 Flag captures 0 Vehicles destroyed 0 Vehicle damage 0 Ribbons per round.000 Time played 00:00:00 Kills 0 Deaths 0 K/D ratio.000 Headshots 0 Dogtags.Torpedo Boat 00:34:48 33.95 what is blackjack plus Y Lighter Landing Craft 00:00:36 0.00 Halberstadt.Suppression Assist 10 Suppress an enemy and allow a teammate to kill them.Capturing 10 Attempt to capture an objective.The ramparts are well protected too, jackpot casino monaco only accessible via the ladders, which are easily protected with tripwire bombs and an ammo supplying bodyguard or two.3 Revolver 00:12:52 22.55.04 Howdah Pistol 00:03:26 2.00.58 37.41 M1911 00:47:52 85.24.78 1,.74 Kolibri 00:00:00 0.00.00 0.
Fao Fortress, clean up troublesome snipers with cavalry.

First of all, its backed into a high corner of the map, making it hard to flank.
If you want to hit the church from the first fortress gun.