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The player will start seeing rainbows after a short time, and if they stay in unsafe areas for too long they'll begin to hallucinate enemies who aren't there.
When Shun arrives in Endora and discovers he has a Warp Relic, he immediately names it Excalibur and tries to call it forth like he's in a henshin scene, even though that's not how summoning Warp Relics works.The Dub also mucks around with the names themselves (despite originally being in English) sometimes resulting bethard casino no deposit bonus code in made up stuff like "Moon Cosmic Dream Action".The Secret Scouts in Dinosaucers would make use of their Rings of Power by saying, "Secret Scouts ring, power up!" Zigzagged in Green Lantern: The Animated Series with the character of Razer (a Canon Foreigner to the Green Lantern franchise).One chant was required to transform into a monster, while another was required to change back.Borderlands and Borderlands 2 : The games make use of this in several ways.When fully leveled up, you can see nothing but the character itself.The Contessa's mind control gaze in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, which puts the player character under hypnotic stupor.In Mon Colle Knights, both Mondo and Rokuna chant the sentence of "With online casino games in malaysia us, you can do it!" before merging with the monster they choose.The distractiveness of this modifier ranges from song to song; one song could just have the character in the center of the screen dancing, while another could have something going on across the width of the screen.Though his powers manifest in terms of sound waves rather than light, his powers are equivalent to that of any other.Fortunately, a Heavenly Juice item will clear up both at once.Unsurprisingly, this makes driving in the race considerably harder than normal.
However, the effect isn't active inside dungeons.
Some of the games in the Rhythm Heaven franchise will obscure the action at certain parts, to encourage players to follow the music instead of the visuals.

Twice, and your movements start to become slightly unresponsive.Close explosions will momentarily slow you down and replace your sound with ringing, flashbangs deafen you and white out your screen, stun grenades blur your vision and render you nearly unable to move, EMPs disable your HUD and other electronic equipment, flares will burn into.Boil the blood in heart of fire.Pim puru pam puru parim pompun!" Persia, the Magic Fairy says "Perukko Raburin Kurukuru Rinkuru" to turn into her Older Alter Ego.Grace: Are you wearing a towel as a cape?Nascar Kart Racing has a power-up that can be used to block another driver's view, which consists of an ad for the driver who used the attack.Naturally, it worked best if you didn't give your opponents time to read the question.In the fan-made mod Shifter, a dose of zyme induces a short period of increased strength and Bullet Time -like speed, and then you suffer the comedown.