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Bonus objectives in nagrand

Group leveling is definitely the innskudd post i butikk grense way to go this expansion if you can.
92) Unexpected Allies (Save for after the other quests in the cave) 93) Guhruhlruhlruh 94) Deep in the Cavern 95) Stonedark Relics -Hearth to Thunder Totem, turn in "Unexpcted Allies "The Skies of hvordan laver man bingoplader Highmountain "The High Chieftian" and the Drum quests- -Get the breadcrumb quest.
All of poker na dwie osoby the information bellow is intended for min-maxing players trying to get as much XP in as little time as possible.
Keep in mind that some of the info about treasure chests might not be accurate since there's some sort of arbitrary system in place for how XP gets rewarded via chests.Enjoy the video and If you have any comments, or questions, or requirements from me, please post them either in comments or in the stream umren).Will edit in when I get the opportunity.Once you get "The Ancient Trials" questing is the same until you get to the end of the quest chain that unlocks the Halls of Valor dungeon quest.You can also get around 40-50k xp from having all your garrison missives ready to turn in if you're really wanting to do something in less than a minute and get going.The quests at the hub it takes you to are as follows: 1) To Catch a Banshee -New Hub- -Greywatch- 2) Combustible Contagion 3) Whispers from the Dark 4) Cut Out the Heart and then you go to Skold-Ashil and continue with the same quests.53) Shriek No More 54) Jarod's Mission -New Hub, Ravencrest Mausoleum- 55) Kur'talos Ravencrest 56) The Rook's Guard (XP chest to the right of the staircase on the way up to Kester on a table) 57) Maiev's Trail 58 ) bonus objective - Black Rook.If you do every main story quest solo you end up needing like 30 of a level at 109 after you complete all the dungeon quests so it may fill in that gap nicely with all the Val'shara/Highmountain quests.Types of tasks include collecting items, healing allies, destroying objects, and killing mobs.

Hearth to your garrison and take a waygate to nagrand, turn in all your quests, do all the bonus objectives and if you want do the 5-6 ring of blood quests.Dungeon leveling doesn't seem that bad if you have a tank that makes the trash take no time at all, we did a Neltharion's Lair in about 8 minutes and got 12-14 of a level without usage of banners.1) The Rivermane Tribe 2) Ormgul the Pestilent 3) Poisoned Crops 4) Infestation 5) The Flow of the River -Whitewater Wash- 6) Fish Out of Water 7) Trapped Tauren 8 ) Spray and Prey 9) Moozy's Sojourn (Turn in after you get the quest "High.You should definitely do every class order hall quest that pops up as you're leveling at 102/105, even quests to obtain another artifact might be worth doing since they give roughly around 20 of a level in 10 minutes or less for some classes.Talrador Bonus Objectives - 74,200.At the end of the zone there's an alliance only hub as well.My group is probably just going to do Nagrand or Missives on our characters and get to Broken Isles.
An available bonus objective will appear on the map with this icon: citation needed, contents show, accepting Bonus Objectives.
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Highmountain When you land in Thunder Totem, bind your hearthstone (the floor you land on) Note that the quest next to the innkeeper IS buggy AS * AND IS also THE slowest escort ever made DO NOT pick.