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Civ 5 louvre theming bonus

Artifacts come into play for Theming Bonuses in Museums and the Louvre and collecting a variety from around the World is best for that reason.
You may want to Nay any World Congress Proposals to Embargo the Civ, because it will stop you from being able to have a Trade Route with them, which is bad!
Summing it Up: Deploying your Strategy There's a lot of information here, so let's summarize what one should do: prioritize Research of Cultural Technologies so that you are first and can easily build Wonders and get your Writer, Artist, and Musician Specialists active faster.
Historical Monuments will make Landmarks generate 4 Tourism no matter their age, and every other type of Great Person tile improvement - from Citadels to Manufactories, will give 2 Culture.Timing Great Works for Theming Bonuses If you are ahead Scientifically, or at least in Cultural Techs, you should plan ahead - just because a Great Musician is born, you might not want to use them right away.Culture is generated more early-game but later you can boost Tourism to pass.Culture and Tourism - How it Works and How to Win.Know what Wonders you'll build and the requirements for their Theming Bonus before you use your Renaissance and later era Great Musicians and Artists.Two Artifacts from different Civs and different Eras are part of the requirement to finish the Theming Bonus of The Louvre World Wonder, which is the single best available and also the most difficult to complete.Read my Guide to Great People in Civ 5 to learn more about generating Great Person Points for each type.The Cultural Heritage Sites Proposal will give each World Wonder 3 Culture.Cathedrals, a Follower Belief will give 1 extra Great Work of Art slot that is available earlier than any other buildings that provide them - Museums are quite far off, so only Wonders and the Capital's Palace will let you utilize a Great Work.I observed this math on my second City, and not the Capital, so that value could be much, much higher.This is preferable to leaving it a tile improvement, which only grants Culture to a Civ working.Generating Tourism, constructing buildings, Wonders, and National Wonders are your primary means of boosting your.Later in the game, toward the Modern Era and once theming bonuses for buildings like the Sydney Opera House and Broadway are completed, Concert Tours are your best option.Cumulatively, this will skyrocket your Tourism and lead you to victory.There you will see all Great Works, their location in your.
Population is usually cut in half when Conquering a City, so this would make a 24 pop City fall to 15 instead of 12 Pop.
Gaining 200 of their Culture through Tourism will put you at Dominant.

Another means of generating Tourism with Religion that will be particularly helpful to try and win Culturally by the mid-game spilleautomater 7000 is to Max Piety to get a Reformation Belief and select Sacred Sites that will allow all buildings purchased with Faith to generate Tourism.Must be built in Holy City.This Guide should help many new players learn how to win Culturally.Broadway and Broadcast Towers both contain slots for great works of music that will become available by the Modern Era, but it's likely these should remain empty as you'll get more Tourism using the one-shot Concert Tour than you could through per-turn Tourism gained from.This doesn't impact Theming Bonuses, but is still incredibly important.Hotels, Airports, and National Visitor Center - Tourism Boosts from Tile Improvements and Wonders Later in the game, Hotels and Airports will come available.Civilizations with a high culture are hard to take over as they will have generated thousands of points throughout their history.