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Ck2 add more holding slots

This is easily worthwhile for a grand mayor, but salmon mango avocado poke bowl even for a feudal or Muslim ruler, it will take only 50150 years to repay itself; the repayment time is even shorter if the county is coastal or on the Silk Road.
This is important, as buildings often won't pay back the investment within a single character's reign.
The capital county will generally have the highest technology level of keno izloze tiesraide all holdings, and many technologies enhance the output of owned buildings, thus constructions in the capital will repay investment faster.
Be warned that rulers must consider tax and levies from their Catholic clergy to be unreliable at best.Construction is a long-time prospect, as it will take very long for most buildings to pay off, if strictly speaking on their income output alone.Added Chimer, with Racial trait (shares portraits with Altmer).Additional upgrades to this holding can also produce piety, tech points etc.Added New Plot "Kidnap".And here's a good rule for playing ckii; never play as France unless you're up for a stiff challenge.If the player's demesne has counties on the Silk Road, castles, temples and cities give increased taxes to the holders of the counties.Baghdad, Damascus, and Cairo are also awesome, but you do have to do some major crusading in order to claim them.Instead, by holding separate county titles and baronies, a patrician 's family will retain a large portion of its former military base.They may be best friends in 1150, but a few dead Kings later and theyll be at each others throats.Tweak "Universal" tech screen fix; no longer do smaller resolutions need seperate files.Empty holding slot edit For most government types, an empty holding slot represents nothing more than the potential to eventually construct a useful holding.

You can help Crusader Kings II Wiki by expanding.For others, learning how to play this game and tame its massive interface can be too much to ask.Thus, it can be a good idea to build forts in border provinces to delay enemies, granting the character time to assemble levies without extensive damage done to holdings.Tribal rulers are required to save prestige points too, for their buildings are constructed with this currency up until they feudalize or turn into a merchant republic.Temples usually provide heavy infantry levies, with light infantry and archers, but no cavalry.Or have the DLC that allows you to play Muslims, which I highly recommend to anyone who is invested in this game.Apparently changing the history file for a province changes the amount when you start a new game, but would like a way to do it in progress (changing the history file doesnt help for an in progress game).Buttons atop buttons within menus beneath menus.
The province holdings screen.
Because ckii is built upon relationships and politics, playing as a character from an Islamic Sheikdom or an Indian Empire is like encountering an entirely different game, as while they share the same basic framework as the vanilla European experience everything else is almost.