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Druid guardian best in slot

(beyond 56 does nothing) Haste rating Attack Power Crit* Armor penetration Agility* is excluded from this list as I don't want it to cause any confusions: However agility gives Crit chance, so falls under the Crit section.
Stat Priority This stuff is probably going to change a little at the start of the tier but for now i am running; Defensive stat prio - Vers Mastery Haste Crit Pure Bear Dps stat prio - Haste Crit Vers Mastery Catweave stat prio.This is basically impossible to fail unless you equipped full-cloth gear, as the Agility found on all leather items is more than enough dodge/armor for you to be easily healable.But agility also provides Armor and Dodge chance, making it much more valuable than merely a threat Stat.Generally, the best choice available is to merely equip ideapad 100s slot 6 the same Tanking items as other tank-classes, and tolerate that these items will have strength instead of our preferred stat of agility.Best dps talent with Brambles because the other 2 talents don't affect dps at all, mainly good for when you need defensives up sooner for more specific boss mechanic timings.Intimidating Roar - IReplaces disorienting roar, doesnt break on damage.1 Expertise reduces the chance for your melee attacks to get dodged or parried.25 each.Defense rating works by raising your defense skill.As a druid, speccing into Survival of the Fittest (Reduces chance to be critically hit by 6) will grant you immunity to crits from all PvE content in the game.
Guardian of Elune - Mangle increases the duration of your next Ironfur or Mark of Ursol by 2 sec, or the healing of your next Frenzied Regeneration.

This is my go to 99 of the time, good interrupt/repositioning and a nice typhoon sprint away combo is the ultimate defense.At the time of the 2nd parry, which occurs.7 seconds, the next expected attack would have been.2 seconds (refer to scenario 1).Hands: Gloves of the Hidden Temple - AQ40 - Emperor Vek'nilash, waist: Thick Qirajihide Belt - AQ40 - Battleguard Sartura, legs: Sentinel's/Outrider's Leather Pants - WSG Exalted (PvP).Threat : These are stats that will increase the damage we deal, and therefore our threat.Rule Number 3: Parry-Hasting can stack multiple times, as long as the resulting attack doesn't result in skipping more than 20 of the remaining Swing-Timer(aka doesn't break Rule 2) Scenario 3 (0 seconds) Boss swings for 20k (2 seconds) Boss swings for 20k (2.1 seconds).When we factor in Dodge at the rate of 1 dodge 100 "points that gives us; Night Elf: 4320 13,671.65 dodge chance.