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Duty roulette main scenario dungeon list

The following changes have been made to instanced dungeons: Brayfloxs Longstop The poison effect from Aiatars attacks can now be removed using the item antidote.
Manor Candelabra Furnishing A haunting candelabra custom-made for Haukke Manor.Flame Utility Cot Furnishing A fully furnished cot issued by the Immortal Flames.Oasis Counter Table A merchants counter designed in the oasis style.Materia conversion and melding log messages have been recategorized from system messages to synthesis messages.Pharos Sirius Level Requirement Disciple of War or Magic level 50 Item Level Requirement Average item level 48 or above o co chodzi w piosence poka sowe Party Size Four players Time Limit 90 minutes * See below for average item level requirements.Action help text has been revised for the following actions: Bane Now correctly states that Bio, Bio II, and Masma are spread to a maximum of three targets.It officially marked the end.The following items can now be obtained by Disciples of the Land: Miner Marble / Fine Sand / Potters Clay / Limestone / Granite Botanist Humus / Bloodgrass / Maiden Grass / Island Seedling / Shroud Seedling / Desert Seedling All Disciples of the Land.Warwolf Kecks of Striking Legs Item Level: 70 / Equipment Level: 50 Materia effects active during PvP only.Warwolf Grimoire of Healing Arcanists Grimoire Item Level: 70 / Equipment Level: 50 Materia effects active during PvP only.Buffalo Calf Minion Milk-fed until tender and juicy.Enhanced Phantom Dart II: Increases potency to 180.
Enhanced Dexterity II (PvP Further increases dexterity.
We are currently working on the issue as fast as we can, and we wish our players to wait a while longer to start challenging again.

7,000 That Which Binds Us II Increases spiritbonding speed.Entering the Labyrinth of the Ancients The Labyrinth of the Ancients can be accessed via the Duty Finder when playing solo or in a party of eight players.Manor Wardrobe Furnishing A haunting wardrobe custom-made for Haukke Manor.Hawks Eye The effect has been changed to increase DEX by 15 and guarantee that all attacks land.Character motions have been added for the effect of knockback.Bomb Boulders would sometimes fail to appear in The Navel (Hard) battle.Warwolf Hat of Casting Head Item Level: 70 / Equipment Level: 50 Materia effects active during PvP only.By pressing Join, you will join the party right away.
Riviera Round Table Table A round table designed in the riviera fashion.
Monitor server stress will be closely monitored before these adjustments are applied to other duties.

Glade Bed Furnishing An elm bed designed in the glade style.