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Gsm time slot duration

As mentioned each time slot has 15/26.577ms of time duration.
Each GSM multiframe composed of frames (either 51 or 26 based on multiframe type).
GSM Time Hierarchy is also known as GSM Frame Hierarchy.Each GSM superframe composed of multiframes (either 26 or 51 as described below).In this case the call will most likely be allocated to another physical timeslot.One GSM hyperframe composed of 2048 superframes.Post a reply to this article.Muzammil - 19th July 2003 (11:29 GMT).In GSM frequency band of 25 MHz is divided into 200 KHz of smaller bands, each carry one RF carrier, this gives 125 one carrier is used as guard channel between GSM and other frequency bands 124 carriers are useful RF is division of frequency.Those are 3 basic scenarios in which the timeslot on which the call is set is modified during the call.Time slots include ramp up and ramp down periods to minimize rapid changes in radio transmitter power.Time slot structure is the division of a time slot period into different fields (information parts).The ramp up and ramp down time is used to reduce unwanted radio emissions that occur from rapidly changing signals.The, gSM frame structure is designated as hyperframe, superframe, multiframe and frame.Hope this helps you.
Frequency Correction Burst - is a time slot of information that contains a 142 bit pattern of all 0 values.
It composed of 26 bursts in a duration of 120ms, out of these 24 are used for traffic, one for sacch and one is not used.

During network entry each GSM mobile phone is allocated one slot in downlink and one slot in uplink.Help me in whichever way your think gonna make.Here each RF carrier frequency is shared between 8 users play free casino games online win money hence in GSM system, the basic radio resource is a time slot with duration of about 577 microsec.Tables of all, gSM Frequency Bands, GSM Frequency Calculations, and, gSM Timing are provided at the bottom of the page.GSM Uplink / Downlink, gSM 900, dCS 1800.This division of frequency pool is called fdma.Each carry one RF carrier, this gives 125 carriers.GSM Frame Structure of GSM Tutorial-Page2.
Eight of these burst periods are grouped into what is known as a tdma frame.
A single time slot transmission is called a radio burst.