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How to equip a pet in a battle slot

You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls:.
There are 2 types of Maguen pets.
For further info, see Maguens Hatchlings There are three types of Hatchlings: Hatchling of the Stars, Hatchling of the Wind and Hatchling of Twilight.Pets are sold often in the cash shop, either as a permanent pet or an expiring pet.To access the pet window, open your equipment tab and click on the tab labeled "pet".In Actions tab there are buttons to activate actions and skills of a pet.Pets have a skill that allow you to assign a particular buff skill of your choosing.Theres a chance to get a Maguen in Seed of Annihilation zone while collecting Maguen Plasma.I never retamed it, but I wouldn't have wanted it to turn feral.By placing a particular potion in the third slot of the pet window, your pet will use the potion depending on how you configure the potion to be used.After that, an enchanted shield of reflection (if it doesn't already have an amulet of lifesaving is a must ( they don't leave corpses to reanimate and heavily enchanted armor (fixed enchanted non-metal -boots-elven if you have the scrolls to max with- gloves dexterity maybe.In Status tab you can see your pets HP/MP, XP, and main characteristics.To feed your pet, double-click on the food.Pets winning room casino bonus code can increase their fullness level automatically.The Auto-feed does not have such a restriction.Pet food is an item in the use tab.
This is a new pet is added to Gracia Plus update.

When you see the gift box the next time you sign into the game, click it and you receive your pet.Dismissal of a pet To dismiss a pet you need to get rid of the item summoning the pet.To revive an expired pet, purchase a Water of Life item from the cash shop and use it on the pet to revive it for 90 days.Archons are naturally magic resistant and just get stronger in that respect.Attack a pet attacks the target.It took me 8 ticks on the time counter to get back up, and it went peaceful.I will update if he changes preferences based on enchantment.Auto-feed and movement costs 1,000 NX Pet skill: Expired Pickup ben bingo Skill Expired Pickup allows your pet to pick up items left by other players.Pets can use Beast Soulshots and Spiritshots.Types of pets Maguens In Freya update new Maguen pets were added.A pet loses a certain amount of XP when it dies.
Be patient when giving a 2 to replace 1, they don't always like change.
To configure these options, press "Potion Use" at the bottom of the pet window.

If your pets lvl is higher than yours, it gets more.
The more the difference the less XP your pet gets.
However, permanent pets are not available in Reboot world.