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Macro use trinket slot 2

First, you choose your ability, and your Trinkets to easy blackjack card counting equip and have activated.
Optimizers can rearrange the slot list to put the most expensive to repair items first.
Macros explicitly cannot do that.For the #s on the first line, please refer to Understanding Location in section.To have the macro select a quest besides the first one, simply change the number in the parentheses).To get the actual name of the ability, in this case Steady Shot, open up your spellbook just like we did, and with your cursor at the appropriate pplace for the first word, Shift-Left Click the icon in the spellbook.I.) return end end end.Change your boots to Globin Rocket Boots (by Gk-s2-) A really simple script made by myself who changes your boots anyboot you are using to Globin Rocket Boots.This will bandage your target, or yourself if your current target is not a friendly target.Did anyone else level to 70, mostly solo, and rarely if ever remember to trigger a trinket?Cast a spell on party member based on his location in party.If an enemy is selected, you will cast the buff on yourself, if nothing is selected, you will cast the buff on yourself, if you are selected, you will cast the buff on yourself but if your ally is selected they will be buffed.quot; /script i1; while UnitBuff(target, i)nil do ii1; end Alternatively, this script taken from the Queriable buff effects page also lists debuffs present on your target.Hold down control to memorize a target.If you have set your MT/MA and click the script, you will target your MT/MAs target.
#64349, can anyone help me add into the macros and use on player location thing for my trinket?

quot; /script do then m1; end;ii1;end; cCastSpellByName; if(m1) then c(Mark of the Wild(Rank 10 else c(Thorns(Rank 10 end; Modify the spell names to change the buff.(Notepad or another plain type editor will remove all of the hidden html coding entries that are invisible.Welcome to a single, short post that I hope might help one or two folks in getting the most use out of their DPS Trinkets.It will also re-target your original target.First, open the Macro window.So they will never both proc on command.Assuming its in the top trinket slot, /use @player 13 if its the bottom slot /use @player 14 put this either into the sequence proper or in the KeyRelease section of the macro.It will just switch back and forth between action bar 1 and action bar.For more information, go to Item equipping to see how to use items from backpacks, etc., and information on how to prevent accidental vendoring of items due to macros.If no MT/MA has been set and you Click the script, you will receive a message stating so Set MT Noob!castsequence resetx-1 13, 14 x is the cd of the trinket in slot 13 (the upper one).
You can stun/fear your enemy, press this and itll automatically bandage you without losing your target.
You can also work in any of the above Farclip etc calls to further alter the settings between windowed and full-screen, depending on how your machine behaves experiment and see.

This way if you have several on use trinkets you can control any of them with a single button instead of creating multiple buttons for each trinket, as long as the trinket is in the appropriate slot.
quot; /script TargetUnit(player /script UseAction(17 You have to use 17, because it is 2nd Actionbar and 5th slot (2-1 12517).