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Max attunement slots dark souls 3

Spell Charges are restored by resting.
At 99 Attunement, the player will have 450 FP and 10 Attunement slots.
10 gives you 1 Slot 14 gives you 2 Slots 18 gives you 3 Slots 24 gives you 4 Slots 30 gives you 5 Slots 40 gives you 6 Slots 50 gives you 7 Slots 60 gives you 8 Slots 80 gives you 9 Slots.A minimum stat investment of 10 Attunement is required for the first attunement slot.This stat governs del lottery results post how many Attunement slots the player has, which in turn allows players to equip and use more types of magic at once.It is an important attribute to level up for Sorcerers, Clerics and Pyromancers.Effects, for each point of Attunement up to the soft cap at 35, you receive a gradually increasing amount of Focus Points, from 5-10.Spells of all three branches of Magic can be attuned to multiple slots for more total charges.Focus Points are used to cast, sorceries, Pyromancies, Miracles, and, hexes as well as performing.Also determines number of attunement slots.Attunement is a stat in, dark Souls III that increases the player character's, focus Points.Number of Attunement Slots Development, edit.Levels after 50 will still increase damage resistance, but the Resistance stat does a better job of that.Increasing Attunement also increases the amount of Attunement Slots your character has at the following breakpoints: 0 Attunement Slots below 10 Attunement.Glitch Notes: Sometimes when gaining a new attunment slot, if a spell is not acquired right away, the atunment slot may become unusable.For other uses, see, attunement (disambiguation).
FP as well as increasing the number.
Spells can be attuned at the bonfire provided you have the correct amount of attunement slots available.

Some, however, require two.Each Spell has a limited amount of charges.The maximum possible number of Attunement Slots is 12 slots (having at least 50 points in Attunement and equipping both rings).As it is with every other stat in the game, it also has indirect bonuses such as increasing the player character's flat damage absorption.It is also possible to increase Attunement slots through equipping certain rings.The following is a table of how many Attunement slots are granted for each level of Attunement.If the player is comfortable with using only a few spells at once, and they don't mind switching one spell out for another when the need arises, then they won't need to put many points into Attunement.Attunement Level, number of Attunement Slots As the number of slots does not increase after Attunement level 50, putting any more points into it is an absolute waste, unless for completionist purposes.Attunement is a stat in, dark Souls.Additional slots can be attained by wearing special rings: Item Additional Slots Darkmoon Seance Ring 1 White Seance Ring 1 The maximum possible Attunement slots.

Skilling Attunement provides the following benefits: Attunement, focus Points, attunement Slots Diminishing returns for increasing the amount of FP begins at 35 Attunement, while every 10 Attunement past 30 (except at 80 Attunement) will grant an additional slot.
Bonfire, wearing special rings can increase the number of Attunement slot: Leveling Attunement past 50 has no effect other than having a higher level, so stopping here is recommended.
Pyromancies, Sorceries, and, miracles.