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Pokemon endure strategy

Dragon Rage can finish targets even if they have Leftovers, since it always does 40 damage.
Who would expect a special sweeper to have Iron Tail?
Note: Aggron is a terrible example of this, as it is never seen with Hidden Power of any type.
You can use whatever move you want without being damaged.However, some people do not have the patience to breed for Silver Wind, so they might use Hidden Power Bug, which is a good alternative.Obviously, this is an Annoyer/Drainer to the max.Users include Banette, Stantler, and Gothitelle.At the end of the turn, your opponent will die to either Sandstorm or poison damage.Useful abilities are Sturdy and Prankster, useful items are Focus Sash, Berry Juice, and Shell Bell.
Be aware of these three factors when using this strategy.
This is will likely catch your opponent offguard.

Take Heracross for example.(Snorlax will not be staying in for Heracross).Plus, Silver Wind only raises the stats with a chance of 10, which is equal to the chance to get a Freeze with an Ice Beam).If you want to set leva på poker 2018 up a Trick Room team, this is a good lead.Get Primed for Battles in the Sun Series!This is the original.E.A.R.Eventually, your opponent will KO himself because of confusion and massive Attack stat.Do not follow the advice of opinion.Remember that Solarbeam/Solarblade takes in sunlight on the first turn, then attacks on the second.

This can also work nicely with subtitute or roost in that case, and at least in 3rd generation Poliwrath could learn both those moves as well, though that may have changed since.