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Resto shaman relic slots

resto shaman relic slots

2018 ( stats page Simplified stat priority and updated ratings per 1 based on live testing.
2018 ( enchants page Updated weapon enchant.
2018 pok pok in english (this page Updated Cloudburst Totem storing 30 of healing after the latest hotfix.
2018 ( rotation page General text clarifications and style improvements.Cloudburst Totem now stores 30 (was 25) of the healing done by your other spells.2018 ( bosses page Minor typo and talent fixes and added extra tips for Mythic G'huun.2018 ( easy mode page Updated stat priority and Azerite traits to match other guide pages.2018 ( enchants page Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.Enhancement, edit, restoration, edit, unobtainable, edit, these are totems that are no longer obtainable to players who do not currently have one.Small note on Unleash Life: it can be used in Ghost Wolf.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Introduced ranking buckets.Crashing Waves was replaced by Flash Flood.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Added Azerite page.There has been a stat squish, meaning all the numbers in the game have been heavily reduced and rebalanced accordingly.2018 ( spells page Small clarifications to general text and on when / how to use Chain Lightning.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Updated ranks to reflect new theorycrafting information.

Lava Surge has a 5 higher chance to activate on Flame Shock ticks.Class Overview, restoration Shaman is an extremely flexible specialization that shines when healing groups of players that are clumped together.For a complete list, click here.Totems are shaman -specific relics.Raid content, especially while clearing for the first time, is where Restoration thrives.To better understand healing in general, we recommend that you read our healing guide.

Bottomless Depths was replaced by Downpour.
2018 ( easy mode page Updated Azerite traits.
Echo of the Elements is now a level 30 talent (swapped from level 90).