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State of decay 2 large outdoor slot

state of decay 2 large outdoor slot

4x Parking Police Armory Doorless Cells Secure Lockers Checkpoint 2x Large Slots 1x Small Indoor Slot 2x Small Outdoor Slot Country Church The Country Church is located in the helg kortspill northwest area of Meagher Valley, along the main road leading to the tip of the region.
Despite its remote location, the Mohr and Mohr Distributing base boasts a few choice facilities and expansion slots, and for the low price of 1,500 influence and six survivors.Power and Water are two things that can make everyone happy.To view the threat level regularly, you can find it in the Base Tab.Out of all the available bases, the best base in Meagher Valley would have to be Whitney Field located to the south.Claiming bases allows you to build new facilities and store items in multiple locations.For food you can place a Farm, it will give you one food every day.We recommend upgrading your storage and medical stations first.Loch Keogh Self Storage - "All the space in the world, if we can figure out what to throw away.
It gives a good general idea and strategically plan from scratch.

While this base location doesnt come with Sheltered Beds, you can clear out some debris to make room for additional facilities if needed.It's easily defensible - there's only one point that can be attacked at each end of the bridge - and in a fairly central spot with good access to nearby hvor ligger grĂ¥sten slot towns for looting and fairly flexible slots for building up your squad in the mid-game.You will get a good Command Center and a cure for Blood Plague with the help of these skills.Any community that wants to relocate here will require 1,000 influence and five survivors to make this base their home.Like the Vogel and Justineau Houses, this home base comes with some pre-existing facilities and a couple open slots, free of charge.You can set up a base camp at this drive-in for 1,000 Influence and six survivors.For more information, go here.
Knight's Family Drive-In - "An honest-to-goodness drive-in movie theater, complete with "castle walls" that offer a kind of low-rent safety.