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Vector construction yard bonus 2 7

There are some bonuses that are placed where it is not easy to collect but will become easier with practice.
Even though the path is quite tricky, it isnt too confusing.
Bonus 2-4 (4:35) Tricks Needed Split Vault, Bar Backflip, Side Flip Bonuses 5 Like the previous bonus stage, after the first sprint, slide down and follow the path below.
It wont be an exaggeration if a player requires several tries to completely grasp the stages and several more to completely collect all the bonuses.More tricky parts will follow but the next ones can overcome with skills.The most complicated part poke project will be the part of entering a building running back and forth to collect the bonuses.Unlike the standard stages on that proceeded with the story, theses stages are more challenging and requires more skills for players to complete.Run above and jump across the raised platforms as the bonuses are placed there.This would blackjack betting strategy youtube likely be the easiest bonus stage in story.

Bonus 2-8 (10:16 tricks Needed Bar Jump, Gate Vault, Swallow.Even though it would just be a one way in the first building after getting to the top, a different approach is needed.Bonus 2-5 (5:57) Tricks Needed Triple Hit Trick, Triple Swing, Flip and Roll Bonuses 5 This stage is a combination of climbing, sprinting, long jumps and short slides.Here are the bonus stages on Story 2 which is the construction yard.When you arrived in that area, slide down to reveal a secret way and get the bonus inside.The way above will be longer but the things needed, the bonuses and tricks, are placed there.
Getting to the water tank, climb up and jump letting yourself hit the wall to get the bonus below.